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Friday, March 4, 2011

ITE 130; Chapter 5 three things learned.

Fact 1. I  learned many of the things on Web pages and other places on the Internet are protected by intellectual property laws to fully understand and use these law I recommend getting a lawyer and referencing this Web page :

Fact 2. I learned what most the file extension are for multimedia files are; For graphics and Images the most common are GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format) and JPEG ( Joint Photographic Experts Groups) and for Audio files the most common formats are Wave( WAV) and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), MP3 is a video compression that is used for music. last most common type of multimedia files are video and the most common of are MPEG(  Moving Picture Expert Group) and AVI ( Audio Video Interleaved).

Fact 3. Software is divided in to four main groups freeware,  shareware, limited edition, and licensed. Which as you could guess it goes from being free to having to pay in advance for the development of the software needed to meet the persons or companies needs.

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