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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chapter 10: Highlights-3 Facts Learned

Assignment 8-Chapter 10;E-Commerce and E-Business

Fact 1.     Assurance Providers help to provide consumer with the security of knowing if the business is trustworthy, there are currently five major ones, BBB, TRUSTe, ICSA, VeriSign, and WebTrust.

Fact 2.     In the long run good ethical standards help promote more trust in online businesses, but they can be more expense to implement and operate. Is not online business a matter of trust?

Fact 3.     Now that I think about how do you legally sale something from one part of the world to another. sales tax is a local tax, yet income tax is federal and state, what is fair to who? Should video games be sold to terrorist countries, the processors can be made in to missile guidance systems? The legal and ethical issues of free world trade has become so complex due to the Internet having E-commerce on it. World-Wide E-business is now available to almost anyone who wants to do it, which is making a new frontier for mankind to explore.