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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chapter 10: Highlights-3 Facts Learned

Assignment 8-Chapter 10;E-Commerce and E-Business

Fact 1.     Assurance Providers help to provide consumer with the security of knowing if the business is trustworthy, there are currently five major ones, BBB, TRUSTe, ICSA, VeriSign, and WebTrust.

Fact 2.     In the long run good ethical standards help promote more trust in online businesses, but they can be more expense to implement and operate. Is not online business a matter of trust?

Fact 3.     Now that I think about how do you legally sale something from one part of the world to another. sales tax is a local tax, yet income tax is federal and state, what is fair to who? Should video games be sold to terrorist countries, the processors can be made in to missile guidance systems? The legal and ethical issues of free world trade has become so complex due to the Internet having E-commerce on it. World-Wide E-business is now available to almost anyone who wants to do it, which is making a new frontier for mankind to explore.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chapter 9 Highlights-3 Facts Learned

 Assignment 7 After reading Chapter  (Webpage design), post 3 facts learned. 

Fact 1. I learned there are three main types of Markup Languages, and they are HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), XML( Extensible Markup Language ), and XHTML(  Extensible Hypertext Markup Language).

Fact 2. There are three types of browser extensions. The first one is called a plug-in, it finds integrated browser software to run a specific files. The second one is called a helper application, it runs software installed on computer. Lastly the third one is called an add-on, it is on the browser and it allows a user to go directly to the website without opening another window.

Fact 3. Web Hosting Services are part of the Webpage implementation. They allow the user to use their server to obtain a domain name, and they store the webpages of the user so that they can be accessed from the Internet. I started a website because JTCC give me an email account with Google. I login and Google asked me if I want to start making a webpage I said yes, and I opened up a template and made a simple website. Google was hosting the site through my school email account. The site was O.K. but I wanted to be able to find it on bing. So I went to and purchased A domain name for $10.00 per year.  Google transferred it and hosted it with 50 email accounts and 77 gigbytes of ram for free. I could go on on about what extras I have added. So if you are interested here the link to my Peace, this Blog was made for my ITE 130 Class at JTCC which is coming to an end. So after this post there will most likely be a change of topic here, unless I get followers who want to know about the Internet.


 James Lenzen                                                                                                       15 April 2011

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chapter 8 Highlights-3 Facts Learned

Assignment 6 After reading Chapter 8 (Wireless Networking), post 3 facts learned.

Fact1. A wireless local area network (WLAN) is the most common type of wireless network, and the 4 most common network standards are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.

Fact 2. Wireless mesh networks are used to extend the range of Wi-Fi hot spots. I have just leaned how to use mesh-up in regards to Social Media and it is very powerful there so I imagine it works like 3^3 not 3+3 or 3*3.

Fact 3. Wireless security is very important especially depending on what kind of information is stored on a mobile device or that is being transferred. If I was doing online banking or communicating classified information there would be a reason to have the most secure connection possible, but since I have decided that I will do those things in person I am not worried about it now.However,  I did learn how  take a few simple steps to protect most mobile devices in my domains.
  1. Change default login and password of router.
  2. Change default SSID.
  3. Use MAC addresses.
  4. Turn on MAC filtering.
  5. If using WEP, change Passphrase often.
  6. Make sure all devices are connected before step 7.
  7. Disable the SSID of the router.
  8. Turn it off when not in use for a while.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 6 & 7 Three facts from each Tutorial

                                      Chapter 6
Fact 1. I learned the difference between Push and Pull technologies. Pull is where the person looks up the information on the Internet when they are online, and Push is when the information is sent to the computer user when it is made available.
Fact 2. Mash-ups are combined web pages that obtain information from multiple web pages to meet needs of the computer user or company in place.
Fact 3 API( Application Programming Interface) are developed by programmers to make the operating systems respond to certain conditions so that mash-ups will work.
                                     Chapter 7
Fact 1. I learned there are two basic types of Encryption: private-key encryption which work well when the key can be passes from one user to another, public-key encryption works when the users are to far apart to pass a key to each other.
Fact 2. I did not know that cookie files could only be read by the website that installed them.
Fact 3. The newest type of secure encrypted connection is Secure Sockets Layer-Extended Validation (SSL-EV).

Friday, March 4, 2011

ITE 130; Chapter 5 three things learned.

Fact 1. I  learned many of the things on Web pages and other places on the Internet are protected by intellectual property laws to fully understand and use these law I recommend getting a lawyer and referencing this Web page :

Fact 2. I learned what most the file extension are for multimedia files are; For graphics and Images the most common are GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format) and JPEG ( Joint Photographic Experts Groups) and for Audio files the most common formats are Wave( WAV) and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), MP3 is a video compression that is used for music. last most common type of multimedia files are video and the most common of are MPEG(  Moving Picture Expert Group) and AVI ( Audio Video Interleaved).

Fact 3. Software is divided in to four main groups freeware,  shareware, limited edition, and licensed. Which as you could guess it goes from being free to having to pay in advance for the development of the software needed to meet the persons or companies needs.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

James Blog for ITE 130 Assignment 3; 6 facts learned from ch. 3 and 4

Fact 1. The account information that you need to create a Windows Live ID is 1. first and last name, 2. Country, 3. state, 4. ZIP code, 5. gender, and 6. birth year.

Fact 2. In Gmail they call Groups, Labels instead folders or category like they do in Windows Live.

Fact 3. Google has a Web albums site called Picasa.

Fact 4. There are two basic types of questions use in making a search; 1. is a specific question., and 2. is a exploratory question.

Fact 5. A meta tag is an HTML code placed in a web page only to help search engines find out the content of that Web page and it's links.

Fact 6. A useful tool in making an advance search is Boolean algebra.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ITE 130 Assignment 2

     Chapter 2 Emails and Windows Live Mail

     Fact 1. Emails use special protocols or rules in regard to how they are received and sent over the Internet. Which path an email takes over the Internet depends on if it's incoming or outgoing. For outgoing emails it most likely uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). For incoming emails it most likely uses POP (Post Office Protocol). Also the software program that a computer uses to handle emails is called Mail Client Software or simply an email program.
     Fact 2.  When sending an email to someone from contacts or by typing in there email address or forwarding or replying to one that has already been sent. It is important when using to To, or, Cc, or Bcc to know who to be anonymous with and who not. For more detail on this see Ken's ITE 130 Blog. 
From my own experience my email program Windows Live, updates my contact information daily with new photos, email  addresses and etc. from facebook, linkeden, google, and etc. The trick is to set sharing to friends of friends.

     Fact 3. Viruses, Spam, and Junk Mail, very from terrorism to an annoyance. Viruses can be stopped in most cases with common sense and a good antivirus program. Spam on the other hand isn't so easy, I learn from the book that the MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) found out that 80% of  emails were abusive. Because robots send so many emails that they slow down some networks.

In my opinion one day computers are going to stop any data will harm them, and be able to tell the difference between the emails that will help the user .vs. emails that will hurt the user.