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About Me

Hi, my name is James and I am a full-time Student at JTCC I'm taking 3 online courses and 1 regular class this semester, ITE 130, ITE 115. Math 170, and English 3. My major is computer programing for network design. My long term goal is to be a network administrator for Microsoft and my short term goal is to tutor Math at JTCC. I am a house painter now and I am good at my job but I don't want to have to be so hard on my body when I am 75 years old.
     My interest's are playing with my son(Russell), and being with my wife(Whitney). Also I enjoy making websites for my friends and my church, I can do it with templates and limited visual basic. But I hope to be able soon to use C++, Java, Microsoft studio 2010, Html, and whatever new means becomes available.
     Since I am working and going to school full-time I am just trying to set up the stuff required for school now, but later I will be reading and commenting on other's blogs and questions. I am looking forward to making some cyberfriends. Peace, by for now.