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Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 6 & 7 Three facts from each Tutorial

                                      Chapter 6
Fact 1. I learned the difference between Push and Pull technologies. Pull is where the person looks up the information on the Internet when they are online, and Push is when the information is sent to the computer user when it is made available.
Fact 2. Mash-ups are combined web pages that obtain information from multiple web pages to meet needs of the computer user or company in place.
Fact 3 API( Application Programming Interface) are developed by programmers to make the operating systems respond to certain conditions so that mash-ups will work.
                                     Chapter 7
Fact 1. I learned there are two basic types of Encryption: private-key encryption which work well when the key can be passes from one user to another, public-key encryption works when the users are to far apart to pass a key to each other.
Fact 2. I did not know that cookie files could only be read by the website that installed them.
Fact 3. The newest type of secure encrypted connection is Secure Sockets Layer-Extended Validation (SSL-EV).

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