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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ITE 130 Assignment 2

     Chapter 2 Emails and Windows Live Mail

     Fact 1. Emails use special protocols or rules in regard to how they are received and sent over the Internet. Which path an email takes over the Internet depends on if it's incoming or outgoing. For outgoing emails it most likely uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). For incoming emails it most likely uses POP (Post Office Protocol). Also the software program that a computer uses to handle emails is called Mail Client Software or simply an email program.
     Fact 2.  When sending an email to someone from contacts or by typing in there email address or forwarding or replying to one that has already been sent. It is important when using to To, or, Cc, or Bcc to know who to be anonymous with and who not. For more detail on this see Ken's ITE 130 Blog. 
From my own experience my email program Windows Live, updates my contact information daily with new photos, email  addresses and etc. from facebook, linkeden, google, and etc. The trick is to set sharing to friends of friends.

     Fact 3. Viruses, Spam, and Junk Mail, very from terrorism to an annoyance. Viruses can be stopped in most cases with common sense and a good antivirus program. Spam on the other hand isn't so easy, I learn from the book that the MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) found out that 80% of  emails were abusive. Because robots send so many emails that they slow down some networks.

In my opinion one day computers are going to stop any data will harm them, and be able to tell the difference between the emails that will help the user .vs. emails that will hurt the user.

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